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Short Stories and Novellas

The Before Man: A Short Story

A weekend getaway from university turns sinister.





"Another gust of cold, stale wind swept by, dimming the campfire to embers before going out. It was pitch black now, except for the small flashlight in my shaking hands. A sickening crunching noise rustled the leaves. Something drifted over the top of my head like spider webs. The crunching abated, and a low unearthly moan took its place, turning my blood to ice."

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In the wake of The Bound's invasion, Lily Masters, Roger Owens, and the rest of the Jumper community attempt to return to normal life. Lily faces guilt, self-doubt, isolation, and the dangers of the Collective. Roger struggles to come to terms with the scars of his past.

Amid their growing relationship, one thing is clear: The Bound have left their mark in more ways than one.


Scrap Stories is a collection of three short stories that take place between THE OTHERWORLDS: Book One and THE OTHERWORLDS: Book Two. Along with Lily's narrative, these stories delve into Roger's character and history. This is a supplementary work for those wanting to stay in the world of Jumpers, Gateways, and the Collective for a little longer.

While you won't miss anything in Book Two by skipping Scrap Stories, a few secrets await those who read on.

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