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TE OTHERWORLDS: Book One by RJ Kinner cover

Available in Kindle, paperback, and hardcover!


There is something in the barn.

When college student Lily Masters is called to pack up her recently deceased Great Aunt and Uncle’s family homestead in rural Oregon, she discovers something incredible. A portal to another world.

As Lily stumbles into the strange and wondrous Otherworlds, she uncovers a stalwart group of protectors who have guarded the Earth for nearly 200 years: Jumpers.

But something is wrong. There is a breach in security. Entire teams of Jumpers have gone missing, and more disappear every day. Shadows creep from the cracks in reality. Nowhere is safe.

While discovering abilities of her own, Lily must fight to prevent calamity from befalling the oblivious inhabitants of Earth and restore peace to the Otherworlds before it's too late.

The darkness approaches. It will consume everything in its path.



THE OTHERWORLDS: Book One is an adult Contemporary SciFi/Fantasy novel filled with adventure, mystery, family, and more! Join Lily and her companions as she navigates through the Otherworlds and discovers herself, Earth's hidden guardians, and newfound dangers lurking from the shadows.

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Voices call from the deep.

They provide answers, but at what cost?

Two months after The Bound's invasion, Lily Masters struggles to cope with the recent traumatic events and her newfound psychic abilities. Grueling days of Jumper training stretch into endless nights lost in the Collective, but Lily attempts to find balance. Despite her efforts, her doubts persist; has she made the right choice by becoming a Jumper? Will she be able to survive in this life?


Her fragile equilibrium shatters when Legion, an ancient cult, thought long dead, resurfaces. Cutting down those in their path, they pursue the most powerful object in the known universe: the Book of Bones. It awakens dark terrors with an uttered word. It whispers destruction into being. Death flows from its pages.


Navigating the perilous ground between the real and incorporeal realm, Lily fears her mind is not her own. A strange voice whispers from the deepest cracks of her psyche. It pushes her closer to madness with every hiss. Should she listen, or fight against it? Her time grows short. The day of reckoning approaches.


Primordial horrors stir beneath the surface.

The real battle begins.


THE OTHERWORLDS: Book Two is an adult contemporary SciFi/fantasy novel. Follow Lily Master’s journey into new dangers as she fights to save her friends and family from an ancient evil.

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